Finding our Balance

There's something very natural about balance. 

We spend most of our life moving, or desiring this state in our experience. Wouldn't you agree?

I believe this is the key to true health and prosperity - Learning our own dance towards balance.

This is precisely what I aid my clients in, whether it's health of their body, mind, life or spaces. 

Sometimes, it takes taking inventory to see in which areas we need more balance in.

We all have experiences which shape our balance. Mine have included vertigo, everyday challenges, and recently: pregnancy. 

Whether it's physical, spiritual, or mental - Balance is key in all we do.

What I would offer you as insight into balance is always look to nature for answers. You will find your rhythms, energy and connection over and over again.

Because you know what?

That is the beauty of balance, we can always return to it. 

Tools to return to center &
gain more Confidence, Clarity & Resilience:

1. Start daily routines and rituals. These will keep you anchored and always returning to yourself.

2. Journal daily. See what the good stuff is and recognize your strengths. We have to feel into this, so we can truly realize it.

3. Spend time in nature. Your energy levels and emotional balance is constantly restored when you connect with nature. And if you can't  go to nature, bring it to you. Ideas: Indoor plants, Essential Oils are great.

4. Meditate everyday. I will say this, do it -- If it's 5 minutes, that works! You will find a regular connection, which is all that matters. You can find a Teacher, Coach, or guide of sorts to support you as you get more habitual in your practice. All you need is willingness, a time and a personal space to do your practice. I find that Essential Oils are helpful in connecting me to my meditation, as well as setting the right mood for whatever it is that I need (Awakening, Relaxing, Centering, etc).

5. Consider your nature: Having studies in Ayurveda, as well as being a practitioner for over a decade, has given me the experience to share with my clients tools in knowing themselves in order to restore their balance. We all need different things, because we are all unique in our nature. Ayurveda sheds light on who we are and what our strengths and weakness are. However, we discover that ''what we need to work on'' is merely a way to refine our true state of balance. 



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